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Shaving every kilobytes possible off your website

30 May 2020

So you’ve built your brand-new website: it’s neat, tidy and you’ve put all your heart and soul into it, but have you put any thought on its bandwith consumption?

Why would I care about its bandwith, doesn’t almost everybody has a high-speed Internet connection?

Well, let me explain why you should and give you a few tips on how to shave every kilobytes off your website’s bandwith!

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How to create a WXR/XML import file: migrating from a static site generator to Wordpress

19 Apr 2020

Many people on the Internet will instruct you how to migrate your website from Wordpress to a static website generator, but what happens if you have to go the other way around? Well, that’s what I had to do last year at Wedoogift, and I have compiled a few tips to help you out.

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The making of PhotoGallery

03 Apr 2020

A little over 6 months ago, a fellow photographer asked this seemingly simple question: “Do you have a portfolio? I mean, something other than an Instagram account”. Oh boy, did he even knew what he was getting me into with this question!

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A Clean Slate

30 Nov 2019

It has been over 10 years since I first put together my personnal website, and I believe it’s finally time for a complete makeover: what I always envisionned as a place to establish my online presence, to showcase my projects and to express myself had become obsolete.

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