Developer, tech nerd and photographer

A Clean Slate

30 Nov 2019

It has been over 10 years since I first put together my personnal website, and I believe it’s finally time for a complete makeover: what I always envisionned as a place to establish my online presence, to showcase my projects and to express myself had become obsolete.

I have to admit that since I entered adulthood, I neglected it: I never updated it, its look became dated and most importantly, as my last blog entries were written four~seven years ago, it no longer represented the person I am, nor my current opinions.

So I made the hard decision to not keep this legacy, to delete the entirety of axel-leroy.com and to start anew from a clean slate.

The vision I described earlier is still there: /home establishes my online presence with links to relevant social media, /photography showcases my photography portfolio and /blog is going to be where I’ll express myself, in ways I cannot in a tweet or picture.

I hope to see you soon in this new home!